About Desserts on Delicious

Desserts on Delicious is a home base business specializing in offering classic desserts with

a modern twist. The concept was developed from my need to be creative and love of baking.

I started my journey in 2005, I’ve always liked to entertain and provide my guest with something unique and different. My first test came when I made cake pops for my sister’s bridal shower. I received so many compliments from family and friends and their encouragement inspired me to pursue baking further.

I began baking for friends and bringing desserts to every gathering to get feedback.

The positive feedback gave me the confidence I needed to start my own dessert business.

The first thing I needed was a name for the business and at that time I lived on Delicious Court. Inspired by the name,  it hit me to combine the two names together and Desserts on Delicious was formed. I started out specializing in cake pops but soon expanded my menu to offer a variety of yummy goodness.

My goal is to create delicious and unique desserts to make your event pop. You can choose from cake pops, cookies, cakes and other small bites.